Case Study: New Build Roof Trusses Norwich

Roof Trusses in Norwich
Timber Roof Trusses in Norwich

New Build Roof Case Study

Project Details:

Enviro Timber Engineering were tasked with design and delivery of roof trusses for a large house in Norwich for this project. The house featured a roof conversion with attic room and overhanging timber roof, all of which was handled expertly by ETE’s design team.

We worked with the building company to produce detailed measurements and calculated all the structural requirements for the roof trusses to spec. We then supplied high quality timber roof trusses for the project, perfectly cut to the measurements, and delivered them on time.

It’s essential to choose a company you trust when it comes to roof trusses. Any problems with measurements or calculations can cause huge delays on a project – or even damage the property. At ETE, we’re the experts in all kinds of roof truss projects. Trust ETE and our free site visit, as this project did, to take detailed measurements and get your roof trusses right.


Norwich, Norfolk

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